Sorry I haven’t updated Dollhouse. Both my kids are super sick. 
          	I’ll get back to it asap (:


@chimchimicorn You are seriously doing too much for us :)


It's fine take care of yourself and your kids they need you rn


@chimchimicorn hugs to your babies!!!  Having sick children is more rough on us Mommas than the kids sometimes 



Hello author!
          Actually, the thing is, I was just reading Dollhouse (which, by the way, I started two hours ago and I've already completed it) and so far, it's amazing! I really liked how you portrayed your characters and the plot. Though, I was really hoping that after reading this little message, you could resume the story. I do not want to put you under any kind of pressure; family always comes first- though if you find the time, please consider continuing the series whenever you feel comfortable.
          Lots of hugs!


Hello dear author,
          I hope you are doing well and immersed in the world of fascinating stories. I recently dove into the pages of your fantastic books and couldn't help but imagine the thrill of having you explore the unique landscapes of my own creation.
          I'd be honoured if you could spare a moment to give my book a read—imagine it as a rendezvous between two worlds, each with its own enchanting tale to tell. Your literary prowess is the spark that could turn this encounter into a shared narrative adventure.
          Looking forward to the possibility of your literary company.