may God bless each one of you and lead you to a complete obedience to His Holy Word! ❤️✨


@cathylxlo Amen. Happy New Year


God bless you and happy new years 


hey! i've been a born again christian for 7 months now and i felt called to glorify God through my writing :)
          thing is, i have never read or wrote a christian novel before (since i used to be more of a fanfic writer) so this is no day in the park for me. 
          but, boy, am i glad i've found your works (which i love!) here and they've inspired my current works in the making right now :) so thank you so much !! 
          heaven smiles upon the impact you make upon christians on this platform, love x


@perseton thank you so so much and I’m glad to hear that what I wrote inspired you! 
            May God bless you and be with you xx


hi cath! i don’t know you personally but thank you so much for writing that wonderful book, ‘i am not ashamed’. it taught me some really great lessons and even inspired me as a Christian to write my own book of faith! although i’m going through a bit of writer’s block atm (if you could help that’s be awesome lol), i know the Lord will see me through. i pray He blesses you and your truly amazing work. like i can’t stop reading it! and always remember, Jesus loves you!! :)✨


@hergoodreadsx  hey there !!!!! Thank you so much for taking your time and writing me! I’m very happy to know that I am not Ashamed ended up inspiring you in a certain way. 
            I’ve also been kind of experimenting a writer’s block for like 2 years:/ 
            Jesus loves you too ❤️


Hey, just stopping by to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful in your profile pic. 
          Much love from me! 
          And I also hope that you start writing soon! ❤❤❤


@Tineedsj001 you're just sooo sweet ! thank you so so much! May God bless you richly! 
            Much love from me too xx❤❤


I've had "I'm not ashamed" for a while in my library, but recently, it just caught my attention and I read it, it caught my attention all through. 
          It was exactly what i needed, and I'm grateful to God for using you to get to me and I'm grateful to you for letting yourself be used by Him.
          Happy new year too, I don't know if I can reach you on any social media platform. Is that possible? I would really appreciate. 


@Shallyb2 I still have Facebook so let me know if you want it via PM


@Shallyb2 Hello there!!! thank you so much and I'm very glad you liked my book :) Amen ! may God bless you richly as well and happy new year to you too 
            I'm not really a social media person so I basically don't use any :/