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-no one word answers! Minimum 2-3 sentences preferred.

-please make the rp as realistic as possible.

-don't bully my characters.

-don't make my characters do any actions, that's godmodding. I can play my own character and you can play yours. None of these "starts walking away and feels you grab my arm" or "watches you trip over something" or "sits down on the loveseat you sat on"

-we don't do double rps. If we message you first, we would only like to role play with the one character we mentioned in the scene. If you decide to message us first, you can only do so with one character. Don't ever add an extra character in the middle of an rp because I will block you!

-say who you want to talk to!

-if a certain backstory is not mentioned in the biography of the characters, it did not happen and you may not include it in the rp unless you discuss it with the ooa. For example: My Zayn character was NEVER engaged to Perrie. He's an AU character.

-if there's no reply in 1 week, the rp won't continue

-if the rp is boring af, I won't even bother to make an effort. If you're acting thirsty, I'll end the rp.

-pm the girls too, they're here for a reason

-don't make your character to be in an abusive relationship and my character has to save he/she... this plot is overused and a TRIGGER!

-triggers include self harm, suicide, mental illnesses and abusive relationships.

-don't spam, there's only one ooa so please be "patient" for replies, see what i did there? cx

-if you dare to break any of these rules, you will get a strike. If you get three strikes, your rp would not continue.
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