Hey author, it's been 4yrs now .I hope you have not given up on ur fans,or your stories.
          Pls, if you're still there do bless us with an update. Thank you.


Girl we’ve all been waiting for you to update “my best friends dad”. Are you alright .?❤️


It's been 2 years since you've updated or replied to anybody's message on your message board. I know on your description it says you'll finish your books no matter how long it takes. So I just wanted to check up on how you're doing. Are you happy, healthy, and staying safe? No matter what take care and smile. Much love to you @Capris40 


Hai my lovely author. How are you and your family? I hope all of you in good health.
          I hope you will update My Sister Husband because it's a fantastic book. Can't wait the update from you.