Alrighty, kids, it's time I address this. 
          	I've been getting a lot of requests lately from people who want me to read their stories and critique their writing. 
          	Which as flattered as I am, I have no place doing. I am not a master by any means at writing and I am in no way qualified to tell you what to do with your story. It's your story and your writing style. I can't tell you how to improve it because I don't know how. The only ways that I think I do are by reading other books or just letting evolve over time. But just because I do it like that doesn't mean that's how everyone does it best. 
          	Also, usually when people ask me this, just out of curiosity I go and look at their profile to see what the books look like, and I'm confused to see that the book they want me to check out is most of the time 3 chapters or less. Like what am I supposed to do with that?!? Even if I did read through it I couldn't give you a decent critique on the plot because there's no way it's fully developed. The beginnings of stories are the most boring part of the story, mainly because the readers haven't made a connection with the main character(s). People usually aren't gonna connect to the characters until a little further in, once their personality is a bit more evident, and their goal is a bit clearer. 
          	Even if the story was developed at that point, it's still not my place to tell you to change it. It's your story, not mine. 
          	Your story is your story. Everyone has their own way of writing that makes it unique to them. Writing is an art. There's not one set way to do it and everyone has their own way. 
          	Over everything, writing should be fun. Don't be hard on yourself if you're not reaching perfection because if you're striving for perfection you're not having fun. 
          	Anyways expect a chapter soon. ✌️✌️


@cannoness yo.... thanks


Wow I love this tbh words of inspiration y’all and I haven’t even started a book lol ❤️


So in love with your stories. I read the 1st within 2 days it's a big that can't be put down. Always wanting to know what happens next. Please update soon. Anxiously waiting


Hi! I really love your book, I normally don’t read vampire stories since many of them have a lot of sex, and all that jazz. But this one is really good. Thank you for the frequent updates. It is really good!


@cantabile66 ikr ... Her story is just pure love ..i guess ?


I absolutely love your stories and I am obsessed whith the Vampires Pet series! Please update soon or whenever you can it's really good!


I started reading your stories about two days ago. Even in your first chapter your story stole my attention at times I even begin to think that vampires are real. You're that amazing. I'm 14 and I'm trying to write my own story and I really hope that you can help me in my writing and I'm not trying to use you. Plss reply.