Every once in a while I get reminded of my account right here but with all the sh*t that's happening, I can't seem to find the motivation to continue writing. It used to be a hobby and something I enjoyed doing .Well... it /still/ is but it feels like a burden too. I forgot how to do covers like the way I did before and I don't draw much anymore. Though I get often get slapped that I'm depressed through quizzes and articles, you can only confirm you /are/ depressed when you get diagnosed so yeah... I'm trying to make sure I won't sink into too much depression. >u>
          	It's frustrating how the ones you want to be proud of you for doing your best and striving hard and yet they don't even give a damn about it to the point they would say it would be better for you to /fail/, just don't forget your responsibilities. Like wtf?! I can't always work, work, work and act like some robot that doesn't experience fatigue. I need rest and leisure time for myself. 
          	My RL and RP life are both getting toxic as well. I deactivated my RP even though some of the people there cheer me up and shiz. Since I wasn't allowed to even meet up with my friends who help me out with the stress issues, it just piles up. Heck I can't even talk to my friends here and tell them about it cause my time for computer is mostly used for studies and I usually end up staying late because of them. I started downloading health and fitness apps to stay cheerful enough but I know it's better to confide to a real human being rather than a software. Problem is... =____= Ugh never mind.
          	Now I'm not saying I'll stop writing and delete this account oAo. I can't promise and set a date since I kept breaking them. I want my stories to get finished too y'know >3<. Not right now though. Soon enough I'll revive this account. Sorry for posting just now. Thanks for reading up to this part. Stay awesome guys and have a nice day. (^w^)b


Thx u so much its OK at least ur giving hope to ur stories and not deleting them ur stories seem pretty awesome I always liked a villain oc ur an awesome writer don't ever forget that


@callmeallysa first in real like i belive you can get throught this school is terribly stressful i know  and with your stories its never going to be a problem if you do thing late never i have depression too know it will be ok


@callmeallysa hi anak. I wish that you come back into writing.  You just don't know how you make other people's lives happier.