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18, reading and writing is my escape.

I've always enjoyed reading books about black people but I do think the drug dealer/ bad boy or king pin books are played out. We, as black people, are beyond that.

Being black doesn't automatically mean poor or that you were raised in a single-parent home. We don't have to be drug dealers we can be doctors, or lawyers, engineers or maybe even cops. It's time to switch it up.

Why not just write about black love? Why does the leading male have to be a drug dealer? Why does every leading female have to be light skinned or mixed?
Why does the male have to be super tall and dark skinned? One of the major stereotypes in our community is that light skinned black men are not as masculine and that dark skinned men are where it's at. For women it's the opposite. Light skinned or mixed women are seen as move attractive and non ghetto. Why is this the case?

Why does the leading female always have a drug user and physically abusive single parent? What happened to supportive parents? Why do the leading female always have to have a traumatic past?

Why does she end up having sex with the leading male as soon as she meets him and pregnant?

Why does the leading female have to be short and thick? Why can't she be tall and skinny? Why can't she be big-boned?

My point is, If you widen who and what you write about, you also widen your audience and your knowledge. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.🦋🦕
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