frank's right hand says "hallo" on it and his middle finger says "ll" which means he could flip someone off and say "take these L's" he's so iconic

instagram - @vivaindifference !! i am Very active on there

(user was @brendonsburlesque)

bullets was mcr's best album

i'm antoinette but you can call me ant either one's fine! she/her

some good bands i highly recommend: bikini kill, the garden, teen suicide, jack off jill, hole, circle jerks, the frights, black flag (that one's obvious since i'm clearly a frank stan but like /really/ listen to them), the cure, culture abuse, dead kennedys, elvis depressedly, christian death, and no parents

holy shit ok but like frank with long hair and the camo jacket and his jeans that have gigantic rips in the knees jesusbchrist NUT

or frank with his brown cardigan and his hair pushedb back also a big fucking Nut

or like at the end (?) of Lm era with frank with the red shirt and sweaty hair and he's fuckin screaming !!! the best
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