Hey, I'm sorry to ask but I want to know if you are ok. It's been a while and I know you have been having a hard time with life. I just want to know you are ok and healthy.


Hey... I know this isn’t the right place to ask but I was searching for her TikToks and found nothing... audios and everything but couldn’t find a thing... my question: will you leave TikTok? Or is just a bad time you are passing by, if is that so take your time... lots of love hope to see you again. <3


I am having a hard time with real life. It wasn’t fair to you all to keep going if I couldn’t dedicate time to my content. It was a source of stress not fun, and I didn’t want to hate it. Maybe one day I’ll come back but for now I’m in retirement. But I will still be here posting weekly ✨