Hello! Long time no post. 
          	Anyway, I was studying and listening to music and a song came on that I referenced in ASiM - the one Sherlock plays for John at their engagement party I believe - and it made me think of this site. I decided to pop in and see if anyone was still reading, and I was surprised to see that people still are. I still don't plan on posting any more stories on here, but for those that are interested I am on Ao3 now, under Jominerva. I have some Johnlock works there that aren't on here. Although I won't be writing more for BBC Sherlock, anyone who's interested, feel free to check those out! Thanks again for all your continued support. 
          	Now, back to being an inactive account. :)


@MirandaPanda2154 they already did, it's called "four letter defect"; it's not all chapters, but it's very well written and informing about ASiL


          	  If you ever decide to write something else, you should write "A Study In Love" form Sherlocks point of view. You know, just we can know how he is feeling, and because I absolutely love that story!


I know this account is inactive, but I just wanted to say that I find your fanfics amazing and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Hope your back soon! x


I bet you’d be shocked to see how far your story has come. It’s been a favourite of mine for so long. 1.87m? That’s insane. Hopefully you come back someday just to scroll through the messages, just to see what impact it’s had on people ❤️


I know that this is inactive account but I just wanted to say that I have read every single one of your books and they are just amazing. Your books have gotten me through this pandemic and I am so so grateful for your writing. I hope you back one day, you've been inactive since like 2017 so I highly doubt it, but if you do and you read this I just wanted to thank you so so much.


it's 2020 and i am going back here to say that a study in love was the first story i ever read the moment i got into wattpad, thanks for writing it<3


I myself have been an inactive account but i think someday you might wanna get back, even just to read messages, and if that's the case, then I would like to let you know how MUCH i adored your work. i think your writing is extremely good and you managed to portrait johnlock SO well


i know you’re inactive, and most likely a dead account but i just wanted to say i feel so privileged to have read your work. the flow and dialogue and narrating is truly beautiful. it tells a story like nothing i’ve read (though i might be a bit biased from my johnlock obsession). i hope you’re doing well and that whatever you’re doing now works out well for you because you deserve it for having such a magical writing style. <33