Those of you who currently have Descendant of Merlin book 3 in your reading list, I ask that you remove it and add it back. It has been updated but doesn’t seem to show the update unless you remove it from your reading list first. Thank you.


Omg, I literally fell in love with your book Descendant of Merlin. Girl, you really have talent for writing! 
          I just would really like if you continued this sequel. It was really nice and interesting to read. Definitely one of the best books I've ever read.


Pllleeeaaassseeee update Descendant of Merlin. I've been needing an update since last year


I hope you update the third book in the Descendant of Merlin series soon! I love your books!


Thank you so much for descendant of merlin. Seriously u have changed my life.I wish I had read it before so I deal with my bf differently .u just showed the real image of a girl .I mean u just describe "how a girl should be". 
          You are a life changer writer 
          Thank you so much again....
          (I'm not good at English so sorry for mistake )