/   at this point i've got to accept
          	the fact that i will always keep 
          	going inactive lmao 


          “   .   .   .   take back what you said
          about the xbox   ,   maybe then i’ll 
          consider   .   ”
          lazying around the lounging area
          at the agency   ,   the long haired
          females body was laying on the 
          couch   ,   a juice box in hand as 
          she didn’t even bother to look at 
          the brunette   .   refusing to do 
          her report on the recent job she 
          had went on   ,   mostly likely due
          to the cold weather making her 
          seemingly more tired by the second
          she spent in this place   .
          deciding to take a quick nap  ,
          that’s when the bandaged male 
          had come up to her and asked her
          if she wanted to go and do some 
          ‘   christmas shopping   ’   .   taking
          a quick glance towards his direction   ,
          a slight groan coming from her 
          lips   .
          “  it’s cold out there and   ,   we got 
          air conditioning in here   .   you can
          go on your own   .   ”