You guys ╥﹏╥ 
          	**[Warning: it will be a bit long]**
          	As you know, I’m very fond of reading and last month, I binge-read My House of Horrors (I don’t know if you’ve read it but it’s very, very good). I sometimes don’t sleep at all to finish it’s 1000+ chapters (I know, I have poor self control) and I thought that I’d write UATS after reading it. 
          	Well, I was wrong. I got writer’s block. I became addicted to the horror genre. Stalking reddit’s paranormal-related communities, searching the net for any similar horror novels, and watching scary movies. I tried to write several times, but I was so hooked with the horror genre that Jia keeps comparing ML to a ghost. If I continue writing UATS at this rate, she’ll develop a third eye and leave ML to exorcise evil spirits.
          	So, I guess I’ll just have to get this out of my system first and try writing again after a while. Sorry for the inconvenience! (And thank you for the concern and well-wishes (๑•́‧̫•̀๑))
          	TL;DR: Author didn’t update because she got possessed by a red spectre. Blame Boss Chen.


@badcooking  Aaaaah! Boss Chen is the reason why I can't enter toilet at night T^T. Please stay safe!! Do tell me if Boss Chen is bothering you, I'll go back to the start of the book to smack him, way before he gets zhang ya and the rest :D


@badcooking I am so happy you're back thank you for updating and pls stay safe


@badcooking i thought you were dead omg i feel so relieved you're alive


Thank you for writing and continuing to update “Underneath a thousand skies”. I’ve been going through hard times and each time I feel lonely your writing makes me content. The emotions that you write with and the love that each ml has for Jia is something I can only dream of <3 My name is also Jia! So hehe, 
          Lots of love <3


Heyy, author. I've been bingeing the thousand skies book and I just love your writing. The emotions are so good, I keep wanting to reread those parts and still feel it every time. I just wanted to say thanks so much for creating such a wonderful piece of art!