Hi guys... of course, first thing I need to say is apologies for not updating in the longest time. This seems to be a reoccurring thing  which leads me to my next announcement. 
          	I am taking a break from Wattpad, if that’s not obvious enough. I just don’t want to be posting mediocre chapters and that’s what would be happening if I was forcing myself to update.
          	*HOWEVER, I am trying something new and writing on Episode.* 
          	So if you guys love my writing, thank you so much I appreciate that more than you know and I’d absolutely love it if you checked out my first story I literally just published there. (Linked below) 
          	It’s not supernatural but of course it is and always will be romance. 
          	Title: I Mean Business
          	Episode author: Estera
          	Author instagram: @estera_episode
          	“Born and raised in London, Rhea moves to New York in hopes of taking over a company. Turns out things don’t run so smoothly when she bumps into a successful stranger from her past.”
          	If that sounds interesting to you, it would mean the world if you gave it a go. Link is above.
          	Once again I’m sorry if I’m disappointing a lot of you by taking a break from here. I will finish Alpha Alexander at some point, I just need time to get inspired again. I’m hoping trying a newer and more interactive form of writing will help me with that.
          	Please also check out my author instagram, I will be updating you all there and if you have any questions at all, Episode or Wattpad I will answer them there.
          	Thank you for your continuous support in me, without you, I wouldn’t be where I am now 
          	-A xx


@astera22 Good luck and I really hope you finish it  


Good luck :) I hope you finish alpha Alexander I love it 


I love ur books. Ur suxh a talented writer and i really wish that u'd updat allha alexander cuz i know it'll be a great story cuz its coming from u. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssseeeee. I love you to muxh to not read ur books so i cant delete it out library. Even if u resart it ill still read it just pleasssseeee update soon. Thx, ur most beloved fan|reader. Love ya!❤❤❤