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@areyouthatgirl You deserve ittt!!!  thank you for the updateeee 


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@ areyouthatgirl  you deserved 


Hi author. I am really searching for a profound way on how would I compliment you for this story you've been working on I was really astonished on the way you wrote this and give us the details precisely that really makes me wonder how much time you're working on it just to give us such wonderful story and makes us feel such emotions. It was undeniable that you put so much effort for every chapter and I'm really looking forward on the next update. I hope you are doing fine and taking the time you deserve. God bless you❤️


hello, author! I just want to say that your updates are worth waiting for because I know that you’re always giving your all each chapter. you never gave us an half-assed written update that’s why I appreciate every chapter very much.
          please take your time po, no rush. I just want you to know po na there’s one (may a lot more others) who always patiently wait for a passionately written chapter. 
          I may be a silent reader po but I just want you to know na I love your story very much. I love how you make me feel very invested with the story... that I always take my time reading it to understand each situations and dialogues. I just can’t express how much I am inlove with this story. 
          and I always come back to wattpad just to read it over and over again. kaya salamat po  dito lang po ako hanggang matapos ang you got me. susuportahan ko po ‘yung storyang to hanggang sa dulo. 
          please keep safe, author! and I hope you’ll have great days ahead