i'll update by the end of the week (this chapter is particularly difficult to write so bear with me folks) love yall for sticking around (;


Hello I really hope you can update heath soon it’s one of my favorites and I can’t wait to read more of it. 


Love the book! Love the fact the leading lady is hilarious but badass at the same time. Please update when you can


          I have been with you since last year and I am still here when you've started writing the new version of heat...  More than a year now...  Please update it...  You are very talented and I know there times that you are having writers block but please just use some from the old version...  I will wait for you... 


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Three year and slowly waiting for a update a sign that you are alive would nice really sighh... I hope you are ok


I love your book so much,it holds a special spot on my heart and basically followed you for quite a long time and also grew up with your book and it holds a very sentimental value to me,I hope you are okay and give us a sign that you are alive