i'll update by the end of the week (this chapter is particularly difficult to write so bear with me folks) love yall for sticking around (;


Hope you're okay <3
          I just wanted to say that you're an amazing writer and I hope that you're doing well. 


Please please please continue with heath!!
          It's an amazing book and I love reading it.


Hey, I'm actually hoping that you'd come back and continue Heath, either of the two. I really love your book and really, you left us hanging huhuhu hoping to see Heath on my notifications!  The two Heaths are still on my archive...  Be well.


There should be a way for Wattpad to notify authors that have been absent . I’ve been waiting for 3 years and this is my ultimate favorite werewolf story 


So uh hey... is everything all good? Bc I really miss reading heath and it’s been almost 3 years. Do you plan to finish the book? I hope all is well with you. 


Hope youuu willl continueeee the new heath  misssss youuu. I hope you are doing good. ❤️❤️❤️


Randomly thought of Heath again, hope you’re doing fine and maybe (hopefully) might update sometime in the future