Hey guys, updated the last chapter of MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Also check the NOTE after it.
          	Thank you:)


Hi, everyone.
          I hope you don't mind my posting something unrelated to the author's page but I hope you can show some love by checking on my story.
          It's my first published story on Wattpad, and I can assure it's an enjoyable read.


Hello beauties!!
          Its snikers!! 
          You can try out my book which is linked below. It's my first time writing a book so there would be a lot of errors. Your suggestions are always welcomed. Do let me know your views about the book. Don't forget to vote and comment on the chapters. I hope you like the plot of my story and the way I write. 
          Book: Love the way you lie. 

          Sorry author for slipping into your msg board without giving you a prior information. I hope you won't mind but in case it's something which is bothering you kindly let me  know i will delete the msg. 


Hey when are you going to update new part of match made in heaven it's been a long time since you uploaded it. I hope everything is fine


Hi Aashiti, thanks for checking in. I am not able to devote time for writing due to studies, that’s why the delay. Idk even know when will i get that peaceful time where i could sit and write my book again. Hopefully soon:)