Words are more than letters strung together. Stories are more than just words compiled into paragraphs and chapters. The things that are written by a person can help you to see who they are. 
Where have they been? What nightmares haunt their slumber? What horrors are behind their eyes? What hurts do they lock away, but can only say in this way? Stories can help you to figure someone out. Learn who they are, deep down. Perhaps they put themselves into a character. Maybe the plot they come up with has happened to them, or is a shadow made bigger or smaller of what it truly was. Maybe they are relaying their deepest fears, using words to tell you something.

Hello, my name is Markus. I write because since I was young, it has been my escape, and how I have screamed when no one could hear me.
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Stories by Markus Mulcahy
Where The Dark Things Are  by angmaredits
Where The Dark Things Are
Master Dark has many faces. Who will he be in the next moment? Will he be cruel and abusive? Will he be kind...
Running With The Wolves by angmaredits
Running With The Wolves
Albion is a young transguy that seeks therapy to help with his depression, anxiety, dysphoria and trauma. The...
How Do You Want Me?  by angmaredits
How Do You Want Me?
(Warning: NSFW/Very Graphic content/Sexual content/BDSM/Abuse/ect.) Mark Fischbach has been captured by the...
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