Sometimes life sucks.  Sometimes life sucks a lot. Right now, my life falls under the A LOT section.  To the many of you wondering about Matta and Sarah....yeah, i will get to it. Hang tight.


@anakelia welcome back....I have missed ur writing....hope u would start writing soon.


Your alive!!!! That's all I needed to know!!! I've been a fan and follower for YEARS I can wait!!! 


@anakelia im just glad you are ok and well and back. You dont understand the joy i felt seeing it updated welcome back girl you have been dearly missed


Hi.... Just finished reading "The Heir" and I Loved's 1 of the best stories I read... Thank you somuch...I enjoyed reading it and please continue writing are truly blessed and talented... looking forward for many more stories ...Keep up the good work...(•‿•)


Hey a big fan of your work here. I hope your ok. You haven't been on in like 2 to 3 years it seems. You can't give up writing. Hope you get back into writing again. The Heir was the best book i read in a very long time. The matt and sarah book was  just getting good. Wish you  could have finished it. 


Omg, I am back on Wattpad and I see you've completed your book, The Heir. Congratulations!
          I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was active on WattPad about 8 years ago, and I knew you as peanutty11 XD
          I'm seeing a lot of people wondering where you are. I hope that you are doing great. Hope to hear from you soon!


Shes been inactive since almost feduray of this year, I dont think any of her stories will be updated 


Hey! cool book .I am following you surely.and love the way your story goes