@-CallMeLiam- ,
          	Hello ppl i am reporting a missing person , he is gone on indefinite hiatus as he says contact me as soon as you find him..
          	Reward: Anything you ask.


Hello sweetie. How are you?
          I don't know if you're accepting reading requests, but I just want to recommend my story, A Love To Last. 
          - Romance (✓)
          - Mystery (✓)
          - Drama (✓)
          - Comedy (✓)
          - Soulmates(✓)
          - Family Drama (✓)
          - Strong female lead (✓)
          - Happy Ending (✓)
          I'm always open to constructive criticism. Your votes and comments will be appreciated. Thank you ❤️
          Also, be my friend?


you say you are alone ofcourse your alone when you have shut yourself in your room  go out and walk in crowd then tell me if u still feel alone...


did u try to absorb ur surroundings? stood to listen what other ppl are saying , heard the crying of a baby that u passed by , saw two couples fight or try to find someone who was more lonely than you in that particular crowd?


Actually I feel lonely not alone