Hi! I hope you are feeling fine and don't have a breakdown because of sad Larry moments and now you have come to wattpad to read some fluff to feel better... well, to be honest, this describes me perfectly 🙈 __________________________________________♡Directioner (obviously) and Solo stan, especially Louis and Harry
-- yes, I think they are still together, come and fight me!
♡15 years old
♡From Austria🇦🇹
♡probably straight, but who knows?
♡Loves a good love story💌
♡Still thinks that 18 months will be over soon

If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me!❤

Really good authors: •itstilliswhatitis (english)
•unkreativstermensch (german)

Ich mag zwar ruhig wirken, tief im Inneren habe ich dich aber schon dreimal geschlagen.

Denk immer dran, du bist nicht wertlos! Organe sind auf dem Schwarzmarkt sehr teuer!

Every storm that comes, also comes to an end.

☆You should defenitely read "Got the sunshine on my shoulders"! I cried so much but it is sooo worth it.
☆"Unbelievers" is more than a smutty fanfic, just read it!!!
☆And I've just finished "Escapade", best ff I've read in a long time!!!
☆Well, I've just finished "Flightless bird". It is great, but now I need therapy.

I love every single directioner, even if I don't know you and I know it's creepy and I have no idea how it's possible to love so many strangers, but I just do. So yeah...
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aliveforthisfandom aliveforthisfandom Jul 02, 2022 03:43PM
I just finished Rogue and I am spechless. But now I cannot read any other Abo fic, because Rogue was to good. Does anyone have an good abo fics to recommend? I need new books
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