You'll Never Find A Bigger Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit / Tolkien /Middle-Earth Fan Like Me. Promised.

If You're Here To Tell Me What's Wrong In My Life, Just Leave I'm Totally Happy With It.
If You Just Want A List Of All My Fictional Husbands, DM Me.

I'm Wattpad Horror

▪︎ Musician
▪︎ Tolkien Enthusiast / Tolkienite / Tolkienist
▪︎ Filis Wife (Since Day One)
▪︎ Spencer Over Timothee (Ever And Always (But I'd Marry Both In A Heartbeat))
▪︎ Queen Lover
▪︎ Brian May Is My Spirit Animal
▪︎ Star Wars Fan
▪︎ Trekkie
▪︎ Engaged Tea-Drinker
▪︎ Member Of The Thomas-Brodie-Sangster Appreciation Society
▪︎ House Stark
▪︎ Multifandom (incl. Sherlock, GoT, Marvel and Disney)
▪︎ Paramedic
▪︎ Second Home: 🇳🇿

I Thought, I Just Write Down The List Of Places Where You Can Find Me, If You Want To... Yeah, Dunno Why You Would Look For Me.

➳ Middle Earth / Rohan / The Shire / Lake Town
➳ London 1970
➳ Jedi Temple
➳ Kamar-Taj / Sanctum Sanctorum London
➳ Winterfell
➳ Narnia / Auf Der Morgenröte
➳ The Maze
➳ The Enterprise
➳ Hütte 7
➳ The Black Pearl
➳ Entenhausen
➳ In der Matrix
➳ Sally Mullins Tee- und Bierstube / Marram-Marschen
➳ Pasadena

▪︎ Dear... I'm The Weirdo

Friends Applaud, The Comedy Is Over
- L. v. Beethoven
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