with a pale body with usually cold-singed skin, with eyes as blue as those of the glaciers in the arctic, with a voice as quiet yet chilling as the winds of mountains not eclipsed, this seven year-old boy has a heart full of fire. once on the topic of something that he is curious about, he never lets the topic go, not until he runs of our breath from talking about it. his inquisitiveness commonly leads to a little bit of annoyance on behalf of those who come into contact with him, but none of his actions, or persistence, is ill-mannered. the boy has a heart of pure gold and he'd dare not touch a fly, much less pull at the nerves of another human.

he has a story, but he prefers not to share it with just anyone. he is in need of friends, siblings, maybe even in need of guardians - message him.

scenes are optional,
first or third-person.
anonymous / rp.
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