Sadly, I don't have a talent for writing, but you can find some great stories in my reading lists.

I fully support LGBTQ+, everyone is valid! Love is love, don't let anybody tell you otherwise!

So far I've only read Harry Potter, miraculous, and Sanders sides fanfics. But trust me I have more fandoms for example:
-Sanders Sides
-The five kingdoms (Brandon Mull)
-The hunger games
-The selection
-Percy Jackson
-The heroes of Olympus
-The Lunar Chronicles
-Miraculous ladybug
-Avatar the last airbender
-The chronicles of Narnia
-Harry Potter
There's probably more, but my brain is tired so I can't think.
Feel free to give me suggestions (I need them)

And lastly, if you need someone to talk to, rant to, or whatever, feel free to message me. Bottling up emotions takes its toll on people. I won't judge or discriminate at all, sometimes it really helps to talk to someone you don't know and I understand that, or the other way around. Mental health is no joke, and someone who you can talk to can really take some weight off your shoulders.

My pronouns are she/her, I encourage you to put your own pronouns in your bio, that way nobody will accidentally offend someone by using the wrong ones. It personally is very helpful for me when commenting on stories, and it's important to respect everyone. And normalize giving pronouns when you meet someone!

Anyway, hope y'all are having a good day, and have fun with all your crazy fandoms.
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