Hi everyone!
          	Just wanted to let you know that 
          	(1) I'm alive xD
          	(2) My graphics book has been updated. If you have not received a notification you can access the new addition here:
          	and (3) I also updated the second chapter of 'Among the Flames' available here:


Dani darling, hope you’re doing well, we miss you!


I hope you are well Dani. I miss you so much. 


I miss you so much ❤️❤️


hey sexy! it's kenzie idk if you use this but i miss you. i miss you.  i really wanna kiss you but i cant (6789998212) hopefully you got that reference. love you endlessly


Omg Dani, you're so talented! I'm definitely gonna keep stalking your graphics< I'm in love 


Miss you Dani! Hope you are okay ❤️❤️


You are a goddess of photoshop, you know? 


your graphics are breathtaking. please, i'd love another tutorial of your manipulations! its so friggin awesome that no words can describe how amazing your graphics are❤❤