Hi! I love to write Adventure/Fantasy (and occasionally Romance) stories, and love to read them, too! Mostly Fanfiction, but I might post something original every once in a while. Oh, and I almost only ever write things with happy (or at least hopeful) endings; I'm a VERY emotional and situational empathetic along with a bit depressive, so I try to stay away from sad things as much as possible.

I'm currently rewriting most of my Multi-Chapter stories (because my writing style has changed a bit and I would like them to reflect that) but I post One-Shots and other short stories every now and then.

Fandoms I mostly write (and Read) for:

1) Pokemon - My all-time favorite Fandom! Mostly Adventure stories, but occasionally an Original/Nameless-shipping (and maybe a few other ships) story here and there.
2) FMA(B) - I love Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood/Manga mostly), but I specifically love RoyEd! Not sure why, but RoyEd is my OTP, so I write those every once in a while.
3) One-Punch Man - Saitama is such a good guy, and Genos is super awesome, so naturally I love stories with them together, either as friends or more~
4) Legend of Zelda - What can I say? One of my favorite things! I also ship both Midlink and Zelink, just so you're aware.
5) Transformers - I've always loved Transformers and I've actually planned quite a few stories for this, but if I ever get around to writing them in full... *shrug Oh, but it will mostly feature Red Alert, Jetfire, Hot Shot, and Ratchet, probably; their my favorite characters across many of the Transformers universes.
6) ...I actually have a lot of Fandoms I love; a whole lot more than this (Marvel, KH, FF, Undertale...) but these first five are what I'll probably (and have) write for, but I might do something else.

*Shrugs* I write when I feel like it, basically. :P

Um, if you want to talk or anything, let me know! I might not get back right away, but I'll answer as best as I can.
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