umm hi guys  it's been quite a while... I got caught up in some things - nothing bad of course :) - and I fell out of the writing gist. I didn't go on Wattpad for a while, and I'm not sure if I'm completely "back" or not, but yeah...
          	I'm stuck.
          	help please.
          	I don't know how to write anymore, nor do I know what to write about. especially the latter. please help please please please :) if you could just shoot an idea at me, I'll try to incorporate it! 
          	you guys have been so great to me, even though I've been gone for a while, and I'm so thankful for all the support. ME and tDatH both have received so much more love than they deserve, than I deserve. and special thanks to those who were so kind and understanding about my absence <3
          	I've been fine for the most part, sometimes I just get really really sad for no reason at all, and end up crying myself to sleep. but this guy has been helping me through it and he's just the absolute light of my life.
          	in summation:
          	-sorry for being gone and perhaps still being gone
          	-please send ideas about what you want to happen via the discussion board thing
          	-thank you all so so so much for everything
          	-I met the love of my life who is just perfect for me and so understanding and cute and helpful and brings me out of my darkness nghhh <3
          	but how are you all doing? everything going well I hope! :))))


@_whorishwriter  Honestly, I've only read the Housekeeper book and if so, make some conflict with Nathan's brother and Adalia, like somehow he saw her and asked if she's his other whore and verbally abused her- to which she blew up in his face earned more respect from Nathan


@ _whorishwriter  @Lynda79 omg that's a really great idea! I would love to read about the morning cuddles that possibly lead to more! 


@_whorishwriter Ok. I read what I could! Uh gad, sooo amazing! So, what if the brother comes upstairs, maybe to do something nefarious, and runs into her? Or  Nathan gets hammered at his party, and accidentally lands in a bed she is sleeping in? Morning cuddles maybe leading to more? Or he finds her book? Or hears her doing something....private....and uses that as a kickstarter to seducing her? Not that he would have to work hard.