currently rewriting Adopted By My Step Brothers. The story will be published and 10 more chapters will be added to the first book. The full book with added chapters will be available on Amazon soon.


Please update Adopted by my stepbrothers, it’s been a long time... The story is amazing


Hey can I ask you something? In the book adopted by the step brothers who did kingsley cheated with? I’m really curious. It’s a wonderful book.


I’m re-writing the story because there’s so many details and things I left out 


Can you please update on Virginity Brother's!!! I love the story it's one of my favorite stories please please please with a cherry on top update.


Yah your back! A couple of years ago like in 2016 I read your books and have been waiting for you to update.


Hi !!  I’m glad to see you’re doing well because you seemed so inactive. I just wanted to say that I love your books and you’re doing amazing. Take your time with everything. Much love xx


Hey ! I know you and other readers are disappointed that I haven’t updated. I have been experiencing writers block and haven’t been really motivated to write I am going to try my best to brain storm with a few stories and see how I feel. Thank you so much for checking with me I hope you are good as well