Who am I?
I am whom God says I am..
Writing for me is just a way to express myself and upon my discovery I have found that my words can be more of a motivational and inspirational guideline for my peers. I don't write poems. I express my feelings in word format. I know little to nothing about the formation of a poem but I do enjoy the fact of writing my feelings. Its more of a release to me. Some people take drugs, cut themselves or even disown and disrespect themselves just because they think that's the only way to express themselves. I can say that I have not turned to that side and found my own way and pain reliever; writing, drawing and singing. Now no disrespect to anyone. Everyone has a different way of handling things and a different persona about certain situations. I just choose a different route through life. There's nothing wrong with that because to each, its own. But besides that, I hope you guys enjoy my writings and let my words be a guide through each and every turn throughout your life. And remember that only God can determine your future. You have the feet and he sets the stones beneath your feet and decides which way you turn. May God bless your very heart.
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