✐When thinking about life,
Remember one thing:

No amount of guilt can change your past

And no amount of anxiety can change your future.

✐What if....
Everything you're going through is actually preparing you for everything you asked for?

⊱ ───── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ───── ⊰
🎶When did we all stop believing in magic?
Why did we put all our hopes in a box in the attic?

I'm the long-shot
I'm the Hail Mary
Why can't it be me?

They told me I was out there
Tried to knock me down
Knock me down
Took those sticks and stones
Showed 'em I could build a house
They tell me that I'm crazy
But I'll never let 'em change me
Till they cover me in daisies
Daisies, daisies

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