hey! how's it going? 
I wonder who are you...
I am Giulia! from italy! I'm open to frienship, but I probably will take my time in chat, so you're warned.
I really like music! I play the flute, but I wish to play th epiano someday...any type. I find it enchanting and fun.
I also like lofi, because it's very relaxing, and vocaloid. I really like fukase, his voice sounds amazing! what do you think?
I also like sweets, especially ice cream. it's really nice! ^^
and I like pastel colors, especially a light purple and teal.
I love to travel! I've been in Brasil and Portugal! I really wish to travel somewere else!
I also love reading and drawing. I don't think I'll ever write a book, because every time I try it ends up that I'll never complete it, or that I update once a year. I think I'm good at writing though.
I really like winters! and cuddling my dogs.
I also love anime and mangas.
I also love thriller games, such as danganronpa. I still need to understand in what order I have to watch the games, but it doesn't matter because I spoilered myself the whole series anyway.
I'm into psychology too! I love to understand why people act and react in certain ways, and what made them who they are now.
I also love animals! I have two dogs, but I like cats and foxes too! also, bats are really really cute.
I would really like to get to know you, and listen to what you like!
again, I might not speak often, sorry about that.
now that you've read about me, or not, you don't really have to care, I'd like to name a few people that make me smile, and maybe will make you smile too:
Have a great day!
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