Merry Christmas/ Happy holidays my loves!!! I hope you all have a good one beside you families! I know times can be tough especially during this year so if anyone needs someone to talk to don’t hesitate to reach out. 
          	P.S. I’m sorry for the lack of update. I’ll try to get a chapter out by the end of the weekend. 


Hello, I Just started reading your works like 3 weeks ago. I started with the celebrity one. Its really good but I can all see your Authors note how you dont quite enjoy writting it. And I really wanted to comment in those but i dont know how I’d say it. 
          Your works are really fire! Its so sad how you just thought its not as good as what you think it might be. But it is good! Actually its Amazing! My main ship in BTS too is Yoonmin and reading your stories literally is one of the things thats keeping me up this pandemic. 
          Since I’ve read your latest book. I know you’ve left Wattpad a few months ago. Its really saddening. Youve became one of my favorite authors here of BTS ships. Which is not many. 
          You probably wont be able to read this but I’d send this nonetheless. I really wish you come back. I really enjoyed your stories!! Just know that there are people that is waiting for if ever you consider coming back! 
          You might have a good reason for leaving Wattpad but Dont Worry you are always welcome again to write for us hihi!! 


Hey i am New to this Fanfiction world and i am writting Fanfiction myself i will appreciate it if ARMYS support me. Its a Jungkook ff see in my profile
          Btw @ queen JC your Fanfiction look so cool i a gona read all of them haha!