The name is Hawkeye. *makes hand gestures* Not Hawk/guy/, not /Hotguy/... *thinks* I mean, I am hot, but-- ((You're getting off track.)) Right. Sorry. *stops making gestures and crosses arms* The point is, remember the name. 
"Okay... This looks bad." It didn't just /look/ bad.
Boomerang arrows are not useless. *holds a boomerang arrow near your face* Respect it, Reader. Respect it.

@Elle-Barton-Rogers : My legally adopted sister. Weird, I know. Blame her xD Don't hurt her, or you die.

@AbbyxBarton : My daughter! She's very sweet, and her laughs are adorable~ Cx She's probably going to be angry with me now.

@Barry_Barton : My son! Haha xD He's adorable. *gestures to self* Much like his father.

@AnthonyxStark : A great scientist, but an annoying one.

@BrucexBanner : Great friend, and, a scientist that I /can/ stand.

@Natasha_Romanoff_ : A very close friend, and, my partner.

@CaptainRogers-Steve : A natural born leader and just an all around great guy :)

@Ghost_Wing : Friend.... And a telepath.. /that/ sometimes gets annoying.. But, she's still cool.

@Lady_Ghost_Rider : You, are awesome. And I can roast mellowmarshes on your head. ;)

@Cynthia_Coulson : She's like a daughter to me. :)

@WinterApproaches : Someone who hates brainwashing as much as I do. And is only, repeat, ONLY a friend. ((Admin: Sure sure.))

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WINTERHAWK IS REAL *^* /)_-" Not really. It was a dare, via @Lyla_x
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