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Reason: Sin is gone... *le cri*

Online ( Yep )
Offline ( _ )
In between ( _ )
Eating ( _ )
Sleeping ( _ )
Other ( yes ) (Ex. Reading, writing)
Waiting for friends to come on ( Mkay )

Hello! I'm birdtale venom! My old AU used to be spacefell or outerfell but it's still my fav AU so yea!
-Epic x hell ⥈ OTP -GanZ x sensy ⥈OTP
-Sans x fell ⥈ OTP -Fresh x paperjam
-Horror x dust ⥈ OTP -Fresh x unfresh ⥈ OTP
-Cross x nightmare -Geno x Reaper ⥈ OTP
-Bird x vamp ⥈ OTP -Dance x katana ⥈OTP
-Bird x fancy!sans/Fic -Dance x sport!sans ⥈OTP
-Ink x error - fallacy x encre
-Melancholy GanZ x sans (random XD) ⥈ OTP
-Goth x palette ⥈ OTP -Shino x raider ⥈ OTP
-GanZ x sensy ⥈ OTP -G x alter ⥈ OTP
-G x chess ⥈ OTP -Kiwlea(OC) x Bara ⥈ OTP
-Tealily(OC) x lust ⥈ OTP
-Scarful(OC)xDrago(OC) ⥈ OTP

Sans taught me how to tell puns
Toriel taught me to be kind to everyone
Undyne taught me to never give up
Papyrus taught me how to believe in myself
Alphys taught me to show my intelligence
Mettaton taught me that being different is alright
Gaster taught me to be cautious of my other side
Frisk taught me how to show MERCY
Muffet taught me how to be unafraid
Asgore taught me how to fight for what you think is right
Asriel taught me to never doubt yourself or others
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Such a strange kit.. [Errorink]
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The queen is back by _Birdtale_Venom_
The queen is back
Well look who returned, The Venom Queen
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Strong but silent [Crossmare] by _Birdtale_Venom_
Strong but silent [Crossmare]
Cross has never actually talked among the bad sanses during their times of just hanging out and doing random...
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