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I thought that I would only read books that ain’t ebooks until I read The Bite trilogy that should publish if it does I’ll buy all three books they are so good like the best supernatural book


So I've read all of Charlotte's sequels.... But didn't read "walk the line" yet, because i already know that Eve is going to die... And that kills me... I really can't read books when I kind of already have a clue on how the ending is gonna be. 


@QueenMadiquin  she won't die in this book, rest assured, and i advise you to read it cuz it's really cool and there will be a hillarios chapter dominic style


Absolutely in love with The Bite series! I was wondering would you ever consider officially publishing them. I would love to have a paperback version of these! Xx


@Enis688 include me in the count please. Those are my favorite Werewolf books.... Ever


Love your books they're the best!!! Went to reread dark water & it wouldn't let the story come up? Did it get taken down?? 


I'm so grateful that the author is allowing the Bite series to be accessible. Most of the poplar books on b the site ask for monetary compensation--which I get, really. A lot of these authors are phenomenal, @ZeroWineThirty included. But some of dont have the money to afford every chapter of a 50+ chapter series...I'm just grateful I can still read one of my favorite books.


Do you know what I think?
          I think that all of us,the bite series fans(me myself a #rr for the 8th time)should gather in a damn something in the middle country and film these whole series.
          Let our god blessed author choose her character first and then all of us take a role.Who's in for God's sake? IT WOULD BE LIT!!!!


Hi how are you I love your books and when ever I read it it feels like the first time I read it and loved it .. so if u don't mind me asking when are you starting your new project and what it will be about can't wait to read your new book