Name: Gems IcedMoon

Female Dragon-hybrid

Scales; Ice and light blue, spotted sky blue.

Wings; light midnight blue, spotted with gem coloured spots. Teeth; half sharp, half are wider, blunt, designed for crushing.

Eyes; royal blue, tints of cyan and ice blue.

Body; Aerodynamic, agile.

Tail; long, whip-thin, prehensile.

She has frills behind the doe ears.

Her underbelly and tail have an icy blue tint to it.

Moon white/faint ice blue spots appeared over her scales littering everywhere.

Hind feet are blue-grey, almost blue at the top while fades into white as it reaches her talons.

Serious yet playful.

Previously a black colour.

Talons; sharp, rigid.

That's my OC. I use her whenever I'm online.

Dear Bullies,

You know that boy you pushed over yesterday?
He committed suicide last night.

That girl you called fat?
She's starving herself.

And that boy you teased for crying?
His mother died.

You know that man you made fun of for his scars?
He fought for our country.

That man you stole the little leather pouch from?
He was homeless.

And everybody else that you've
been mean to?
You've either hurt them real bad or ruined their life.

The girl you just called a Mudblood?
She spends hours practising spells hoping people will like her.

The boy you just Stupefied?
His parents use the Cruciatus Curse on him regularly.

That guy you just made fun of for crying?
His mother was killed by a Death Eater.

Put this on your status if you are against bullying, whether it be in the real world, or the Wizarding World.

You never know what it's like until you fly a mile on their broom #StopBullying

Stop with the bulling!!
I also prefer books over movies.
Call me a bookworm, I don't care!

Research shows 90% of teens would start crying if Facebook or Instagram was temporarily down. Put this in your profile if
you're the 10% that would laugh their faces off.
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