"Life will always have ups and downs. And if we don't have the bad parts, we'll never appreciate the good ones."
-Kiryu Kazuma.

Hey friend, name's Yuuhei or Yuu, feel free to call me whatever name or nickname honestly. I write x readers of anime/video game characters you may like or maybe I just like in general. Overall hi and welcome to my profile, hope ya guys enjoy my books I guess.

If you want to talk, have any reports to make to me, or suggest things to me I'm free to listen to you. I like hearing people's ideas/like seeing people talk so you're free to send a message in my message board or dm me. (Or maybe you'll just see me peek my head into some book conversations or so, lol.) I'm always watching or listening/KEEP IN MIND I MAY NOT RESPOND ALL THE TIME SINCE I GET A LOT OF MESSAGES SO IF I DON'T REPLY, I'M SORRY-

Books that have ended:
-My Detective Princess(Akechi x reader)
-Pokemon swsh(Leon X reader)
-Fallen for You(Bede x reader)
-The Change He Wanted(Maruki x reader)
-Crimson(Diluc x reader)
-Our Little Game(Childe x reader)

Books I'm still working on:
-Xiao x reader(slow updates)
-Akechi x reader rewrite(slow updates)

Books I've set on hiatus/pause:

Books that are discounted/no longer being worked on:
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I’ve been kinda curious, share your anime crushes or ex crushes you’ve had for anime girls/guys. I wanna know what y’all are into nowadays
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