Hi Myoffputting!!!! I read your novel "there's a boy in my bed".It was amazing!!! Though u complicated it which u shouldn't have. A simple sweet story would have also been enough. I don't like that Elliot. There was no point of asking if it would b Casey or Elliot. Of course it was always Casey. Name of the novel is based on him after all. Now it's your turn to read my story. It's a short story. It won't take much time. Go for it✌


I just loved There is a boy in my bed so much. It was my 1st ever non fic and I totally love it. U r such a great author ❤️


I wanna when will you gonna update the "I saw the captain in his underwear"
          I really need to know cause i really want to read, im need it i really need it, plsss 


Just finished There’s a boy in my bed. Without a doubt the best boyxboy book I have read, will definitely be reading everything else from this author  and probably re reading there’s a boy in my bed  oh my gosh and the Epilogue was the best ending! ❤️❤️


Hey I was wondering if you were ok with cosplays of your characters? Thought it'd be fun lol


ayo wassup bestie. i love you. you’re also so freaking nice^^MF FACTS


Do u have like a paypal or smthn cause like your work is amazing, I just wanna pay u for this hahaha 


i hope you will write again a boyxboy story just like there's a boy in my bed 


I love this Arthur they are so good with words honesty, I plan to read all of their books in so exited and highly recommend this author!