Looks like Wattpad took down The Masked Menace without notifying me why. I'll try re-uploading it tonight, but I can't get back all your comments and stars and reads. Let's hope it stays up this time!


Exactly. Why does it feel like Wattpad likes to go on power trips all the damn time. If anyone insults them they just delete the account. @YourAverageNerd_


Maybe I’ll rr and put back all my comments. 
          	  Because that’s how ‘vela’ I am. 


@YourAverageNerd_ tbh I was going to message oh about why you took it down but I understand authors reasons so I didn’t say anything but I guess you didn’t know anything about it! I miss it and hopefully it can be put up


I love your stories.Another Cinderella Story was the first book I read when I joined's captivating


Hii! Anyone who has read your books knows you are an amazing writer. I am super excited to inform you of a wattpad group of writers that you can join if you want. It's @ICHS-OFFICIAL . It's actually a wattpad school, where characters of different stories can study. If you are interested don't hesitate to knock the principal or me if you opt to for further information. 


I read your superhero books in the first year of high school. Now I’m in my final year and deciding to read them again. 
          Your books make me feel such nostalgia. Thank you :)