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Stand with Palestine
Your Hot Girl Shit
@Jiminattitude is the Jimin to my Taehyung
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Yoon ➶ Her ➶ Writer ➶ 24
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I'm Actually Married ➶ Lots Of People Dislike Me Without Even Talking To Me ➶ Jennie Makes Me Feel Things

❀Love all my beautiful readers.
❀Been In Love With Park Jimin For Six Years
❀Hit me up anytime in my dms and message board. Don't be shy. I always reply :')

Alisa Is Worldwide Loyal Hoe And My Little Flower ➷
Arianna is by far the sweetest and the biggest help ever ➷
Would have married Laika if it weren't for my fiancé dropping on his knee ➷
Jen is the love of my life ➷
Haru wakes me up everyday with her sweet voice ➷
Ashlin is actually an angel ➷
Liyana is my mental supporter. We promised we will plant a flower for a loved once together :') ➷

Aus Written ❀
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We have everything here. Enjoy the wild ride ❀
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