hates pick for some reason😗
fav ship iwaoi🥰✨
can be a bitch sometimes👹
hates people for so many reasons🗣️
in love with myself💁
I🪴 kissed🪵 a🌱 girl😶‍🌫️ and🧑‍🦼I🙆 liked🔌 it🚛
I'm bi u mean bi myself 🎎
can be crazy and a crackhead all the time👩🏽‍🦯
trying to kidnap my ✨CAT✨
also never runaway from ur house 💁cuz💁 miss gurl i almost died🔪
i have a sugar mommy💵💳
👺hates 👺bugs 👺THEY 👺FUCKING 👺SCARY 👺ASF
meet me at my mom's house she has candy👙
dm me if u want to be friends ❤️‍🔥C U Z❤️‍🔥we can be bestie or bad bitches🤞
  • meet me at my dads house so we can be strippers💁✨
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Story by :dragonfamily:
I fucked a ghost👹 by XxCallmehNimo
I fucked a ghost👹
Ummm fuck my life I don't know how to write stories so so here are some memes I got from my cat's food👩🏽‍🦯...
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