Name: Makayla

Age: Minor

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Status: Single and may or may not be ready to mingle

Birthday: December 13th

Nationality: Vietnamese

Do I have friends: No lol/j ofc i have friends

Favorite anime(s): Osomatsu san, hunter x hunter, Chi's sweet home, Naruto, doctor stone, and Saiki K

Gender and Pronouns: Cis Female she/they

sexuality: Demiromantic Graysexual with a preference of men

Height: 4'11 somebody make fun of me rn

Am I dry: Well yes but no

Am I funny: No


Top kins:
Dad from Chi's sweet home

Things about me:
-I'm active on wattpad at the most random times
-I used to be into the dream SMP but now I just watch their vids occasionally when I'm bored
-I've been watching anime for 5-6 years (but I used to refuse to watch any animes other than Naruto and MHA)
-I've been on wattpad for a year yayayayayay
-If I say I have no friends i'm capping
-Idc if you call me a she/her only but it would make my day if you used my they/them pronouns too
-I cant tell if i'm skinny or fat
-My favorite band is Mother Mother
-I like lo-fi
-My favorite vocaloid producers are Kikuo, MARETUA, and Deco*27
-My favorite vocaloid song is liar dance
-My favorite songs are arms tonite and rät
-I disagree with a lot of headcanons but don't make any of my own JJDJXJSJS
-I used to be a weapon back then i'm sorry lol but I'm just an Otaku now
-I used to be an UwU girl but now I find them to be cringe
-;-; :3 uwu owo ;w; make my blood boil but I won't say anything if you use them
-Most people hate me for having acne
-And being a woman
-I moved to the US when I was 1 or 2 years old
-My Vietnamese is terrible

My other socials:
Tumblr: Kara-matsu-girl-108
Twitter: Xniimx (i'm pretty sure, but i'm not active on it)
Tiktok: o.n.i.i.s.a.n
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