My name is Bryony Everdeen. 

I was taken away from my family.

My older sister is Katniss and Prim is my twin.

I won the 73rd Hunger games at the age of 13

They destroyed me and now I am crazy.

Katniss won the 74th & 75th Hunger games.

She started a rebellion.

I escaped with Gale from district 12 and I was reunited with my family.

Now Prim is dead and President Snow has fallen.

Coin was killed and now I try to live the life of a mentally disturbed victor.

(Broken Inside)

Bio :

Name: Bryony Everdeen
Age: 15
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color : Blue, like the sea.

{Single} √
{Crushing} √
{Taken} ×
{Ready to mingle} √
(Lesbian) √

"I don't think anyone wants to deal with a freak like me."
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Snow killed Prim. Snow killed my twin.Snow broke me. Now I am insane. 
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