(Warning: This user uses profanity a lot, and tends to use gore, blood, etc in her writing. If you are not okay with any of this, do not continue any further.)

Hallo! Welcome to a user that writes now, wrote then, and will write more. Prepare for something amazing, as I conjure up a wild storm of mystical havoc and wonderous drunkards! These drunkards are the ones you know and love! The ones that you're thinking of right now!

So, I write stuff. A lot of stuff. I write stuff-stuff. I like to write about anything and everything, like how I draw. I like to watch/read romcoms, horrors, and comedies, but I also read and watch other genres.

Fandoms? Hell! Just tell me a fandom and I'll look it up! If it's anime, I'm already apart of it, if it's anything else, I might know it. Only I will be able to tell if you ask me.

Have fun reading and I hope you have a wonderful day, week, month, year, decade, and century!
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