Happy December, everyone! 
          	The holidays are a busy season, so I'll be switching updates to once a week for Thorn and Hounded. Thinking Wednesday/Thursday.
          	This month is my major edit to Dark Side for publishing prep. I am working on it every night through December. Want to read the polished version in January? Send me a PM!  I'll post the first 5 sample chapters around Christmas! :)


@WriterKellie super excited to read the rest of hounded!


Just binge read Hunted and f*cking loved it! It’s so different in all the right ways :) Really want to read Hounded but I’m an impatient person so I’m gonna wait til it’s complete...just don’t think I can handle finishing on a cliff hanger lol. I’m the meantime, think I’ll check out some of your other stories ❤️


Just finished a two day binge of Hunted and Hounded - all I can say is WOW! You've got such an incredible imagination to be able to come up with this storyline and all of these creatures. 
          I love how your story progresses gradually, it doesn't just jump from a character's introduction to this massive plot point. You clearly put effort into your character's development. The only criticism that I have is that your scene descriptions could be a little more robust - you've got these beautiful moments where you describe things in such detail and it can really feature more.
          Thank you for these incredible stories! Cannot wait for the next update (or maybe a published work? Take my money! ) 


@WriterKellie So happy to hear about the business! You've got my FULL support to get your works published and out there.
            Literally cannot wait for those updates  Had this fleeting moment of terror where I thought you had abandoned the book when I saw that you hadn't updated Hounded in a while. Call me relieved!
            Good luck with all your ventures till then 


@Lulus1704 thank you! I only post first drafts to wattpad so there are all kinds of imbalances and imperfections at play(especially when I'm editing drafts and happen to glance at the wattpad version and die a little inside LOL) so I really appreciate your forgiving attitude for all the many faults! Really appreciate you taking the time to read and that you enjoy them! I know I write a little differently compared to a lot of the popular stories. 
            I am working on more updates soon! I'm actually creating my own business for my books so that has consumed a lot of my free time as I'm trying to schedule my first official book launch(a very nicely edited version of dark side) with Hunted up next. 


Hey ^^
          I love the Wild Hunt series...Will you finish Hounded? When is the next update? ;)