Hi guys, 
          	I know I recently posted about nominations on another awards, but I would really appreciate you nominating in the Fiction Awards if you liked any of my books! 


@Write_4ever_ Did that a couple weeks ago, you totally deserved it, and thank you so much for the follow, you really didn't need to, but I appreciate it greatly. I'll be waiting here patiently for new books whenever they come (I've #rr all your books except Fall for you at this point) and I hope that I'll be able to have them someday in my hands as paperbacks. Love your books and thank you again <3. :D


@Write_4ever_ Okay hun. Please also check out my books and vote for them, please..


I kind of having suggestions.. It will be helpful if you hard chart of relationships among characters involved in Harrington series or any other series.. Because since I'm not read ut according to order of the book, so sometimes i lost who is who.. That only my suggestion.. You may post the chart at every beginning of chapter or ending


@novelmissa17 there is a chapter at the end of each of the books in the series update which will explain couples and which books are for who 


          Stumbled on your profile today and guess what I connected to you. On such a good level. 
          Aren't we almost same?? Yep! 


hi ! i just wanted to let you know that your books are SO addicting and once i started, i could not stop at all !! literally ALL your books are so good istfg. i swear you will be an amazing, well known author in the near future and not just in wattpad.


Heeeeey! I was just wondering if and when were you planing to write a new story i literally read everything you wrote and im left with nothing!!!! Hope your doing well during this time and that you are staying safe 


I’ve just finished reading the Harrington series and every other books that feature them and I really want to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to write them. I’ve spent my time in quarantine reading your books and I’ve loved every second of it. Thank you so much  I’m definitely going to miss the boys ❤️