I'm on here at 4am either looking at the funniest spongebob memes or reading the most sinful fanfics
•your most likely here because of a comment I've written but that's unlikely cause I'm so boring:/
•If you cry at anime then don't worry I do too🥺✨
•i like kpop and anime and kdramas too
•istg your lying if you say your not simpin or gay for at least one anime girl or guy😤
•Bts-Blackpink-Red velvet-Stray kids-ateez-Exo-twice-seventeen-itzy-I.O.I-Mamamoo-momoland- IU-sunmi and More are the best and no one can change my mind😌🍒
•i hope you have a nice day
•lol qaurantine got me so bored that it's not even funny anymore even though I know I have so much sh.t to do and stuff to fill my time🤡
•smile more it suits you♡
  • Looking like dead like a clown in my bed
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