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i'm gonna be on hiatus until may 1, sorry guys! can someone please take over my book review for me?? sorry again.


Hello @WeThinkDifferently2, 
          This is team @forbiddenomore. Your project actually makes people think a lot more. What you are doing is wonderful and encouraging.
          We promote the rights and visions of women. Our moto is that ‘’Every Women Has the Right To Dream, To Dare and To Desire. 
          We would love to join hands with your team. Would you like to be an affiliate? 
          Hoping for the best for your team and a better future
          Team Forbiddennomore @forbiddennomore


So, this message is to any other advisors who see this. I've been waiting for the advice boo to be up and running for a while, and tbh I don't have the new password and I don't know if anyone wants any advice, but if someone could update me on that front it would be great because I feel like a bit of an idiot atm since I haven't really contributed here at all really. Don't mean to complain, I really don't want this to come across badly, I'm just curious.


Reviewers once again it would help a lot if you checked out the page and accepted some forms. Even if everyone just did one it would help so much!