Hello Watzy-chan!! Can you do me a favor?
          Can you make a novel One Piece & Reader 
          Where everyone is Yandere obsessed and fall in love with the reader because of her angelic beauty, sweet feminine voice, innocent heart-melting demeanor, sexy body, and pink lips. 
          She was like a goddess. Men and women loved her at first sight. Some people tried to kidnap her because of her striking beauty. 
          She could make people fall in love with her at first sight without effort.What will our heroine do when the female and male characters of One Piece Yandere become obsessed with her and also revere her to the point of obsession at first sight? 
          information :
          . First member of Luffy's crew 
          . Ace, Sabo and Luffy's childhood friend They are also obsessed with Yandere and have been trying to make it theirs since childhood 
          . She loves food and sweets 
          . Her parents were killed by bad marines and taken Garp to take care of her with Dadan 
          . Dadan and Makio love her as their own daughter 
          . Very nice and loves to help people. But she cries quickly and that makes her cute
          . too short . But she has a perfect sexy body 
          If you don't mind 


I saw you re-published Protecting Miss Quirkless but then THE CHAPTERS WEREN'T FOUND but I SCREAMED SO HIGH BECAUSE YOUR STORY WAS WHAT INSPIRED ME TO START WRITING FANFICTION and I'm so grateful I found it! More than anything, I'm just here to thank you and that I'm more than glad that you came back! ❤




Welcome back! I'm curious to know about what happened to your bnha story? I used to read it all the time when it first came out until it left the face of the Earth! I hope you're doing alright, please let me know if you ever intend on bringing it back!