Thousand of years before the creation of Adam and Eve, people lived on earth.
          At Atlazed the capital of the world, Queen Miriyam ruled. One day court scientist Selinus informed her that a red spherical body (planet Mars) is coming towards the earth and will hit and destroy the earth in the next three years.
          Through extensive study and researches, Selinus finally discovers the only way to save the earth and humanity!
          The Queen sends a group after that…
          It follows the journey of warriors, who are trying to save the Earth and humanity before its destruction!
          (A journey full of excitement!)



Wanna try something new? 
          Fantasy, romance, and a little bit of action in the real world. 
          Vampire and werewolf story from a different side.

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Making friends through the story.  
          Fantasy, romance, adventure, and a little bit of action from the story of a fallen god, demon, 7 curse signs, and other magical creatures in the fantasy world. 

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